From invasive individual testing, to carefree monitoring

Test anonymously, Easily, and Reliably

MolGen MegaPrep can be used to take saliva samples proactively twice a week, irrespective of whether people are experiencing symptoms. These samples can then be analysed for COVID-19, which means you will have access to a recent and reliable result and infections can be identified sooner. So, measures can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading further; sometimes even before the person becomes contagious. Use fast and simple monitoring to create a safe and COVID-19-free bubble at work, school, or sports club.

How does it work?

Each Saliva Collection Kit contains a Saliva Collector (funnel and test tube), user guide, protective storage bag and a return envelope. The MolGen MegaPrep app provides support during the whole process, thus making sure that samples are taken completely anonymously and that results are received correctly.
The Saliva Collector test tube features a QR-code. If you scan the QR-code with your phone, the camera will be automatically activated so that you can start recording the sampling process. This means users can prove that they have performed sampling themselves.
The sample is then placed in a sealed envelope and taken to one of the drop-off points.
It will then be sent to a laboratory, where the PCR test will be carried out.
The result will appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app as soon as possible. Push notifications can be activated in the MolGen MegaPrep app, which means you will be informed immediately once the result has been received.

Is saliva sampling safe and anonymous?

The test tube features a unique QR-code that must be scanned using the MolGen MegaPrep app. The QR code is sent to the laboratory, so the result can be returned to the correct MolGen MegaPrep app. Nothing is registered, sampling is anonymous, and the video is merely a means of verification that is only stored on your smartphone.

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