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Monitoring for employees

MolGen MegaPrep is the perfect solution for proactively and duly identifying COVID-19 infections, thus limiting the spread of the virus. Employees can thus continue working (on location) in a safe and responsible manner, without the need for drastic measures. By testingor monitoring, proactively twice a week, employees will always have a recent result that – if necessary – can be easily checked via a separate scanning app. This way of monitoring is fast, effective, non-invasive, and easy to perform, but is also reliable. This reduces obstacles that prevent people from testing on a regular basis. You can create “green bubbles” by performing two tests each week. After the results, your teams can continue functioning as normal or can quickly get “back to work”!

How does it work?

Employees will receive Saliva Collection Kits containing a Saliva Collector (funnel and test tube), user guide, storage bag and a return envelope.
Employees can take the sample themselves using the MolGen MegaPrep app.
The sample is then submitted and will be collected by a laboratory so that a PCR test can be carried out. The result will appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app.

Companies who could work with MegaPrep

  • Health and safety – police force, hospitals, security firms
  • Industry and production – factories, slaughterhouses
  • Large offices – banks, town halls
  • Schools, universities, and nurseries
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Retail – supermarkets, clothing stores, etc.
  • Construction, building maintenance, offshore platforms
  • raffic and logistics – public transport, freight, and goods transport
  • Event locations, such as venues and theatres
  • Hotel chains, Hospitality
  • Airline companies
  • Health & safety services

Tailor-made solution for your company?

Would you prefer proactive monitoring instead of reactive testing for your company? Curious about how we can help you? We will work with you to find a suitable solution that is in align with your situation and your preferences. By working together, we can make sure that your employees remain healthy and that your company can remain operational.

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