For events

Monitor your guests

MolGen MegaPrep is the perfect solution for proactively and duly identifying COVID-19 infections, thus limiting the spread of the virus during your event. Guests can thus attend your event in a safe and responsible manner. You can ask your guests to perform a test a couple of times before and during the event. This way of testing, or monitoring, is fast, effective, non-invasive and easy to perform, but is also reliable. This reduces obstacles that prevent people from testing before and during an event and thus creates a “green bubble” during your event.

How does it work?

Your guests will receive the Saliva Collector Kits before the event starts. Containing a Saliva Collector (funnel and test tube), user guide, storage bag and a return envelope.
With these Kits, your guests can easily test themselves several times before and during the event. The MolGen MegaPrep app provides support during the whole process.
The sample is then taken to one of the drop-off points and sent to a laboratory, where the PCR test can be carried out. The result will appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app.

Tailor-made solution for your event?

Would you prefer proactive monitoring instead of reactive testing for your (multi-day) event? Curious about how we can help you? We will work with you to find a suitable solution that is in align with your situation and your preferences. By working together, we can make sure that your employees remain healthy and that your company can remain operational.

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