The MegaPrep workflow makes it easy to upscale testing capacity. Very little start-up time is needed to introduce this workflow to your laboratory. You can thus quickly start to analyse and process many samples. Thanks to our streamlined MegaPrep workflow, tests can be analysed quickly and in large numbers, at a lower cost, and with consistent quality. Depending on the number of samples, various constructions can be selected; systems charged based on a lease price per sample, or systems and samples purchased separately.

MolGen, the parent group of MegaPrep, is the global supplier of everything that is needed to set up a MegaPrep workflow and make sure that it runs smoothly. MolGen possesses extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to high-volume screening. MegaPrep can be set up as a standalone solution or can be integrated into an existing workflow. The whole workflow consists of validated and inter-connected protocols, which have been issued with barcodes so that track & trace can be carried out. This means it is always possible to identify the exact location of any sample.

How does MegaPrep work for users?

Each Saliva Collection Kit contains a Saliva Collector (funnel and test tube), user guide, protective storage bag and a return envelope. The MolGen MegaPrep app provides support during the whole process, making sure that samples are taken completely anonymously and that results are received correctly.
The Saliva Collector test tube features a QR-code. If the QR-code is scanned with a smartphone, the camera will be automatically activated so that the sampling process can be recorded. This means users can prove that they have performed sampling themselves.
The sample is then placed in a sealed envelope and taken to one of the drop-off points. For instance, this can be near the entrance of a company, school, or sports club.
It will then be sent to a laboratory, where the PCR test can be carried out.
The result will appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app as soon as possible. Push notifications can be activated in the MolGen MegaPrep app, which means users will be informed immediately once the results have been received.

The Workflow

Together we can increase demand for large-scale testing

MegaPrep makes it possible to test a lot more samples, which in turn enables regular testing (or monitoring). To convince customers and employees to proactively test themselves twice a week, so that a green bubble can be created in their workplace, school, sports club, or (multi-day) event, we want to work with you and other partners to launch the MegaPrep concept for the business market. This can be appealing for you because it will increase demand for large-scale testing, which you can offer effective and at a low cost.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities. We will share our ideas with you and help you to find a solution that meets your preferences.

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