For resellers/retailers

offer MolGen MegaPrep to customers in your shop

In the past, it was difficult to sell PCR tests to the public via retailers because of the high price and the risk of fraud. Home tests or antigen tests thus quickly became an alternative. However, besides being unpleasant and subject to the risk of fraud, these tests are also less reliable. The MegaPrep Saliva Collector Kit is the ideal solution. The kit contains everything needed to protect the sample and send it to a laboratory where a PCR test is carried out. The result will then appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app. By supplying MegaPrep Saliva Collector Kits, you can help your customers to create their own safe, green bubbles.

How does it work?

Each Saliva Collection Kit contains a Saliva Collector (funnel and test tube), user guide, protective storage bag and a return envelope. The MolGen MegaPrep app provides support during the whole process, thus making sure that samples are taken completely anonymously and that results are received correctly.
The Saliva Collector test tube features a QR-code. If the QR-code is scanned with a smartphone, the camera will be automatically activated so that the sampling process can be recorded. This means users can prove that they have performed sampling themselves.
The sample is then placed in a sealed envelope and taken to one of the drop-off points.
It will then be sent to a laboratory, where the PCR test can be carried out.
The result will appear in the MolGen MegaPrep app as soon as possible. Push notifications can be activated in the MolGen MegaPrep app, which means users will be informed immediately once the results have been received.

Point of sale and drop-off point

Besides a point of sale, your shop can also be a drop-off point for samples. Saliva samples must be dropped off at a special counter in your store. The laboratories will take care of the logistical process and the test itself, and will also share the result via the MolGen MegaPrep app.


Contact us to learn more about the possibilities. The method can also be designed so it matches your in-house style. We will share our ideas with you and help you to find a solution that meets your preferences.

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